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Save time and boost productivity with an Elite Virtual Assistant. Virtuoso helps you get more done with less hassle. 

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General and Admin

Focus on what matters most—delegate administrative tasks to a General and Admin Virtual Assistant for enhanced team efficiency consisting of elite partners.

Customer Service

Maximize customer service efficiency with an Elite Virtual Assistant (EVA), saving time and resources while enhancing the customer experience.


Virtuoso's elite virtual assistants excel at driving marketing success by expertly handling tasks to expand audiences and acquire users.


Virtuoso's elite virtual assistants excel in enhancing sales and outreach tasks, from precise lead generation to seamless customer relationship management.

Save 70% by hiring an Elite Virtual Assistant.

We provide both full-time and part-time Elite Virtual Assistants (EVAs) specializing in administration, marketing, sales, and customer support. We've got you covered! Our EVAs speak fluent English and work your time zone.

Where Small Businesses Soar! Unleash the power of elite virtual assistants tailored for small businesses, including realtors, service-based companies, startups, healthcare, and more.

Elevate your efficiency and success with our dedicated support designed just for entrepreneurs like you!

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Virtuoso is great for

Manage Your Calendar

Oversee intricate personal and team schedules, arranging suitable timings for both team and client meetings.

Customer Service Support

Contact us through phone, message or emails. Our customer services are available 24/7

Social Media Management

Develop content, design graphics, and organize your social media schedule for effective management.

Research and Reports

Collect information from different platforms and generate reports and insights as needed.

Respond to Your Calls

Manage incoming calls and emails, conduct necessary follow-ups, and urgent messages to you.

Data Entry and Management

Input and maintain records, while gathering data across all platforms within your organization.

Track Expenses and Invoices

Generate and distribute statements or invoices, monitor payments, and log company expenditures.

Why Hire a Virtuoso, an Elite Virtual Assistant?

Virtuoso thoroughly screens candidates to identify the top 1% of talent, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths. These proficient assistants are fluent in English and operate within your time zone. Virtuoso ensures a swift process; you and your new virtual assistant can be operational in just a matter of days

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  • Supports and embraces Small Businesses.
  • Our partnership is built on Transparency
and Honesty.
  • Guarantees the selection and pairing of the finest Assistants for you.
  • Ensures that your Company is cared for by Elite Virtual Assistants.
  • EVAs undergo rigorous interviews to ensure excellence.

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